A complete hands on approach to your book-keeping, personal and professional.

Laura-May put’s your interests first and brings 15 years of experiance along to maximise your wallet.


From start-up companies that need feasibility and registration, payroll and capital investment consultation to the off-shoot of an existing company needing a little advice and planning for an addition or even more staff. Small businesses are the focus, Accommodation these owners with a powerful weapon, Focusing on the important things for these small businesses and making sure that the books and accounts are taken care of.

Paying staff can be a problem for some people, remembering to set up the payments or checking details are time-consuming tasks that I can take care of. I have always been working with money, running the books for over 15 years at various companies with great success. I am currently completing a new course to become fully tax and PAYE certified so i can make sure you get the most out of your money.



Existing companies can benefit from her with experience from simple things like balancing books to taxation and financial investment management. Companies expanding or doing special advertising and events that need a financial manager for short period need Laura-May in their business, she has all the knowledge and tools to achieve all the desires you long for in your business.





Small business owners that need a little more financial stability need Laura-May to run the books and make sure you are not losing out on a golden egg. Don’t miss out on the comfort you deserve, get in touch now and find out Classic Accounting Services can fast forward your future today.


Some of the services on offer include:

Bookkeeping and accounting

Monthly management accounts (measure your business’s performance)

Statutory registrations and SARS returns:

VAT, PAYE, UIF, SDL (EMP201), IRP5, EMP501 bi-annual reconciliation,Workmen’s Compensation, CIPC annual duty

Company registrations

Income Tax – companies, close corporations and individuals

Tax clearance certificates

Payroll administration and services

Accounting Officer engagements (close corporations and companies)

Compilation engagements

Annual financial statements

Company and Close Corporation CIPC services

Preparation of working paper files for auditors



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