Minimal turn-around times and highly trained staff provide clients with efficient service that they deserve.

Focused on providing IT hardware and software for Networks, Servers and other General IT gear for any and all needs.




They also provide support for large corporations and call centers sprawling across multiple floors and buildings. Able to service the needs of multiple types of businesses and at a variety of locations. Grab IT will give you the eyes on the back of your head with the clearest and widest views of your business,With CCTV you can sleep that little bit better knowing that your business has 24/7 surveillance with recording, previews, and backups of all recording for as long as needed.Even if that means the year 3000.

Grab IT started taking flight in 2006 and captained by David and Laura-May, Grab IT started by providing Hardware and Software to private clients and small businesses while also providing a personalized service each and every one.



Grab IT all started by knocking on doors…


Grab IT Co-Founder David quickly realized that there was a need to expand to provide a facility to deal with larger projects, after a few months of working out the kinks the Power-couple brought in all the ropes and tied them off to form the blanket of coverage in Durban that provides you with support day or night.



Hoping to grow Grab IT, even more, to take advantage of larger shipments to lower cost and to bring on new staff to allow more customers to get the best service, right now they service KZN bookmakers, Schools and SME’s that require IT support in some form.


Becoming a reseller is not easy or safe, manufacturers don’t like to ship small quantities, under 1000 units, and that for many businesses like this is very difficult because all the risk is put into their hands. We arrange and deal with everything, if something goes wrong and we need to get it sorted out under warranty we cant just say that the manufacturer says its “water damaged”, for example, we end up taking the brunt of the fight because the client wants the machine fixed under warranty and is adamant they never wet the machine… “For us to get to that point we need to be able to bear the cost of anything going bad and right now we feel its wiser to concentrate on what we do well instead of expansion”.


Providing a personalized service to their clients is what makes them better than any large Chain store or franchise.

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