Glenwood is the “old place” the place you remember as a kid playing with friends. Food wise, we don’t mind, on average most of us try things once in a while even if they aren’t suited to our tastes. Glenwood’s tree lined streets are the perfect backdrop to enjoy your favourite meal. If you are thirsty we have Bars and coffee shops or if you want to eat then we have everything from fast food to sit down and eat to really luxury fine dining. The family have been included with a large choice on offer it’s a wonder we even eat at home anymore.

Arts Café

Totally family and pet friendly (within reason, Snakes tend to scare too many people) Simple menu’s with things we know, Fantastic coffee and scones to name a few. Check out the Café along Bulwer Road, just down the road from Woolworths.

Corner Café

Peaceful and convenieant, Fresh airy environment to enjoy a extremely tasty meal. Opening early enough to get a cup of coffee to work and closing late enough to meet with friends and catch up for a while. Located on the Corner of Brand and Cromwell Road right next to the barber.

Saviour brand co.

Warm and interactive staff, Clean and neat establishment. Max, the owner, greats with a smile and is always interested in what you have to talk about. Excellent coffee, Fantastic Pizza, Heavenly quiche and fresh seafood, it is a place that can treat you taste buds in a homely setting situated in a traditional home along Bulwer road just across from the primary school.

Mookie Noodle

Small and to the point, this little place is packed with flavour and freshness. Less than 20 tables available mean you should phone and book to make sure there is enough space for your group. Freshly cooked noodles and curries served with everything from rice, chips/wedges to just plain on a roti, come to them for a very authentic South East Asian taste and they aren’t far either, on the Corner of Brand Road right next to the cake store.

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